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How it works

How to use Balancing Motions

WHAT is Balancing Motions: Balancing Motions is an online exercise program for back pain, neck pain, and workplace posture. You can access the programs by subscribing. There are no special skills required to do the exercises, you just need ten minutes a day. You can do them anywhere using a computer, tablet or even your phone.

The goal of the exercises is to improve coordination, flexibility and strength. To create good health in movement and to make back pain and neck pain a thing of the past.

HOW does it work? The body needs three weeks to integrate the changes provoked by the exercises. That is why each program has 4 different three week periods of exercises and in total it lasts for twelve weeks.

The movies include an instructional video followed by an auditive description. The voice will act as a personal trainer who guides you through the exercises. This will ensure a more comfortable and better way to perform the exercises. All the exercises include information about at what time and how many times a day the exercises can be practiced best. Every exercise includes information about how many times and at what time a day you can best practice it.

Once you subscribe to Balancing Motions you will create an account which will allow you to login and access the first period of exercises. After three weeks a new series will become available until you complete the program.

After this time it is possible to keep or regain video access at a monthly rate for as long as you want.

WHO can practice it? Any person, regardless of age and physical condition can practice Balancing Motions. It is designed to relieve back pain, neck pain and people who experience pain while working with a computer. It can be used as a solution to problems as well as a daily practice to prevent them.

HOW can it be used? Balancing Motions can also be used by athletes to relax the muscles after a training. It makes muscle recovery more efficient. This enables you to train more intensively and over longer periods of time. So it improves your athletic performance.

These exercises can also be used as a physical meditation after a hard day’s work. Connecting with the deep structure of the body lowers the adrenaline level and allows you to be more present. Relaxing your body is relaxing your mind.

If you have questions regarding the exercises please contact us.

WHY is it working? The exercises are designed to strengthen and heal your body and prevent the return of pain at the same time. Following the steps defined by the method, you improve the internal structure of muscles, tendons and bones in order to make the body function in a more efficient way.

Balancing Motions is an easy to use method which has been developed by dutch medical doctors in over 40 years of clinical experience. Based on the latest scientific principles concerning the functioning of joints and tissue properties, we are keeping the method up to date.

Thousands of people, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and USA have improved their posture and found a relief to pain by practicing the exercises.

WHEN and WHERE to practice Balancing Motions?

You can do Balancing motions wherever and whenever you want. You can use it on three different ip-addresses through your computer, tablet and smartphone. So you practice at home, at the office and while travelling. If you have an internet connection and a subscription you will have 24/7 unlimited  access .

To practice Balancing Motions you don’t need any specific materials, just your body and ten minutes a day.

Start investing in your health and optimise your day.

What is the COST of Balancing Motions?

Each program costs 45€ and lasts 12 weeks. After this time you can continue exercising at a monthly rate of 5€ for as long as you want.You can cancel your subscription anytime with the click of a button in the “Your account” page.

Coupons. When you buy one of the programs, you will receive a coupon worth 20€ discount to be applied on the next program you buy. You can combine all programs because they complement each other.

In just 12 weeks, Balancing Motions can make you healthier, stronger and reduce pain. You just need 10 minutes a day.

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