Balancing Motions

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About me


My name is Adriaan Brouw and I am a Dutch Manual Therapist, which is a physical therapist specialized in the functioning of the joints.

Following my desire to create products and shapes I first studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University in Delft (Netherlands) and that taught me how to analyze mechanical and material properties.

My love for sports and my desire to search for the limits showed me how important it is to have a body which functions in a more efficient way.

All these interest led to an admiration on how the musculoskeletal system in our bodies is functioning and this drove me to study Manual Therapy at the School for Manual Therapy Utrecht (Netherlands).

I started working in The Hague, next to my father Niek Brouw Phd – physician specialized in orthomanual therapy-. In 40 years of clinicial experience he developed a systematical approach to get rid of physical discomfort. This method -which uses combinations of known exercises in a specific sequence- allows for better functioning of the body, preventing pain and improving posture at the same time.

Now, I want to share this method with as many people as possible, taking advantage of new technologies. My goal is to give people the opportunity to take care of themselves so they can maintain a good posture and a healthy body.

I also run my private practice in Holland and Spain and I teach workshops about the method.

I hope the exercises will help many people get more fulfilling lives.

Adriaan Brouw