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Computer work can be a cause of neckpain, shoulder pain, headaches and RSI. Most of these symptoms can either be reduced or disappear completely when working specifically on the relaxation and activation of certain muscles as well as on the alignment of the back.

The most important factor to have a good posture in front of a computer is a good use of the shoulders. The shoulder area is a very complex system of muscles, tendons and bones which is designed to provide stabilty and mobility in the arms without compromising freedom of movement.

And a small change of posture can have an enormous effect on the mechanical movement in the shoulders. With Balancing Motions exercises you can improve the function of all those muscles to create an efficient and stable sitting position.

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All the exercises can be done without prior training. Regardless of age, gender and physical condition. No specific materials or props are required. You just need 10 minutes a day and your body.

why does it work

Our body is constantly changing and adapting to new situations. In 12 weeks you can make a complete change in the way you function. By relaxing, improving coordination and improving strenght you can render fysical problems as a thing from the past.

proven results

After 40 years of research the program is finely tuned to ensure the best results. The exercises complement each other targeting not just the problem areas but the entire body. Providing a complete, more permanent solution to physical problems.

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First: Reconnecting to the muscles

Reconnecting to the muscles.

Available immediately after purchase

Relaxation of the cervical muscles

01:33 Minutes


Side stretch standing

01:44 Minutes


Lower back stretch II

01:35 Minutes


Second: Improving flexibility

Available after 3 weeks

Front stretch I

01:43 Minutes


Psoas stretch II

02:54 Minutes


Side stretch II

02:21 Minutes


Third: Building strenght

Building strenght.

Available after 6 weeks

Lower back stretch

01:52 Minutes


Psoas activation

02:57 Minutes


Backmuscles stretch II

01:41 Minutes


Fourth: Prevention of body stress

Available after 9 weeks

Neck and shoulder stretch II

01:47 Minutes


Sidestretch V

02:40 Minutes


Backmuscles stretch I

01:37 Minutes