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A large number of people experience neck pain. This is often caused by the malfunctioning of joints of the cervical spine, putting pressure on the nerves. Decreasing tension in the neck muscles reduces the load in the neck joints and causes symptoms to disappear. You will gain freedom of movement in the cervical joints.

Balancing Motions exercises allow the neck and shoulder muscles to be more relaxed, improving the functionality of the cervical spine. They prevent the restriction of movement and irritation on the nerve roots that cause neckpain.

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why it works

Our body is constantly changing and adapting to new situations. In 12 weeks you can make a complete change in the way you function. By relaxing, improving coordination and improving strenght you can turn neckpain into a thing from the past.

proven method

After 40 years of research the program is finely tuned to ensure the best results. The exercises complement each other targeting not just the neck but the entire body. Providing a complete, more permanent solution to neckpain.

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First: Relaxation of the muscles

Available immediately after purchase

Relaxation of the trapezius muscle

02:26 Minutes


Neck and shoulder stretch I

02:14 Minutes


Side stretch II

02:21 Minutes


Second: Connecting to the ground

Available after 3 weeks

Ankle stretch

03:43 Minutes


Relaxation of the cervical muscles

01:33 Minutes


Backmuscle stretch III

01:22 Minutes


Third: Improving coordination

Available after 6 weeks

Sidestretch III

03:02 Minutes


Lateral muscles stretch

02:00 Minutes


Sidestretch IV

02:47 Minutes


Fourth: Strenght and flexibility

Available after 9 weeks

Abs and sidestretch

01:45 Minutes


Intervertebral stretch I

02:10 Minutes


Sidestretch V

02:40 Minutes