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Balancing Motions is a series of exercises aimed at relaxing or strengthening the major muscle groups associated with the functioning of specific parts of the body, like the lower back or neck. It improves your posture and restores your physical and mechanical balance.

Balancing Motions is designed for people with problems in the neck and lower back. By doing the exercises on a regular basis you strengthen and heal your body and prevent the return of pain at the same time. Following the steps defined by the method, you improve the internal structure of muscles, tendons and bones in order to make the body function in a more efficient manor.

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Repetitive training of the muscles will result in an increased consciousness of the body . An increase of circulation and improved neurological functioning is another benefit. It creates a better understanding of how and when your body gets strained which enables you to slow down your pace to prevent injury.

Balancing Motions exercises work on the whole body system, improving the muscle tone, bone density and creating space and flexibility in your joints. With exercising just ten minutes a day you improve blood circulation, making the supply of nutrients and removal of waste from your body more efficient.

Fitness is your ability to deal with changing conditions. For instance to improve your training you need to relax your muscles in between sessions. This improves the recovery of the body. Balancing Motions exercises help you to relax the right muscles so you will be totally ready for your next workout.

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A video course developed by Adriaan Brouw

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There are three modules of exercises available, one for the back, one for the neck, one for a sitting posture. Each program consists of a series of exercises designed to build strength and flexibility in the target area. Different programs will have access to new exercises every three weeks.

Choose one or combine different programs and start feeling better right away. The videos show you how to improve posture and get rid of your pain at the same time.

How it works

The videos include an instructional part followed by an auditive description.The voice will act as a personal trainer who guides you through the exercises. This will ensure a more comfortable and accurate way to perform the exercises.
In total, each module has four series of three exercises and lasts twelve weeks. The structure will ensure a gradual improvement without relapse. After this time you will be able to access all exercises immediately through your subscriptions. 
You can combine one, two or three modules at special prices.


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€ 5.00/month to renew


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€ 45.00 now for a 12 week course
€ 5.00/month to renew